Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hi everyone,
 Just thought that I would post a project that I did. Only problem is,
like several of my other one's that I didn't have before, during and after shots. 
I did a lot of these projects to sell the items, before I started blogging, that is why they don't have all the photos.

The procedure for doing this is basically the same as some of my other projects. I found the older piece at an auction for $2. It's wood.I have this bright blue paint that I added white and a little black latex craft paint colors too, then used my homemade chalk paint formula (one part plaster of paris and two parts paint) and you come up with this nice blueish (is that a word) gray color. Now I love CeCe Caldwells products, I just didn't have money this project to buy what I wanted which was some dark wax. As I have done walls and a lot of pieces of furniture with glazes, I decided to mix up some glazing using another paint secret that I am going to share with you. How many of you have bought glazing liquid at $35 or more a gallon. Here's the secret. If you go to any paint department, go to where the cans are on the shelf and look at the label towards the bottom, and it will say clear, medium or deep base. Get a gallon of clear for around $15 and guess what, you have glazing liquid. shhhhhh! don't tell everyone.
So mix in a small jar 2 parts water and 2 parts glaze and one part paint. If you want a darker color than you are getting after it is stirred, just add a touch more paint. Now when you are glazing the piece, especially with a dark glaze, work in small sections. You can apply glaze with a brush (doesn't matter what kind, I like 2" foam brush or chip brush). Then immediately wipe of. Depending on your piece as too whether you use a circular motion or long wiping motion. I suggest you try on the bottom of the piece first to see what you like. If it starts dragging a little, add a touch more water to your mix. Let dry a few hours, and then you can wax (I like CeCe Caldwell clear wax) Again, there is a matter of preference here. I apply it and let it set a few minutes then wipe off. Others I have read, let it set up for several hours or over night. Your choice, try both ways and see if it makes a difference to you. I also have used a polyurethane to seal the work to, but I prefer to wax the piece.
Now, for the shade. This is so easy, your kids can do it. Tear strips of fabric in several colors or patterns that complement your piece,make sure your strips are long enough to go around the shade, and tie a knot. Then simply wrap and knot all the way around the shade. The final step was to glue(I am a E6000 fanatic) pom-poms around base of shade. Wa-la cute night stand or end table.
Have fun!

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