Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hello everyone,
Ok, so I am not doing furniture today. Today, I am going to bling out a bracelet, and use some of my old jewelry findings. (which I have a couple of tubs full.....what? don't tell me you don't have one
Here we go... first of all I had in amongst my jewelry, a bracelet cuff that had seen better days, I had to break a few things off of it, but it made a good start. I understand from a fellow artist that you can get bracelet cuffs at Michaels (one of my favority stores).
 The bracelet is a pewter cuff.
 Here I cut out a strip of fabric, this was actually off a bandana.
 I know not very good pic, but I didn't review pics before I started post, and this is only one I had with beginning the wrapping.
 This was the stack of old jewelry pieces that I started with. You will need pliers, scissors and E6000 glue, and Aleene's tacky glue, needle and thread, and a few pieces of scrap fabric for yo-yo's.
To begin with, you want to make sure that the ends of the bracelet are covered, and secure. I cut the fabric about 2" wide. Fold the fabric in half length wise, and put the end of fabric over the end of the bracelet, then fold back on it self and glue with aleene's. You will start wrapping and gluing until you get to other end of the bracelet, where you will repeat your first step.
Next I added yo-yos. Ok for those of you who don't know what that is. get some fabric and trace a circle on to the fabric, (a small plate or jar works good) then cut it out. In this piece i did six small yo-yos. Each one is about 3" diameter. I kind of use the theory that whatever size I start with, it will be about 1/2 the size when it is done. Now this is hard to do without showing you a pic, but with a needle and thread turn under the edge of circle and do a running stitch all around the circle,leave a tail about 2". I usually tuck under about 1/4". When you get to where you started, clip thread, and lightly begin pulling both the tail and your end thread. It will gather up. When it's all gathered, I run the needle thru both ends and put a knot in there and clip off thread. Wa-la, a yo-yo.
Ok, back to the bracelet.
Now glue the yo-yos on the center section of the bracelet with aleene's glue. Now find some long pieces of jewelry, and start trimming out the edge of the piece. Then start adding bigger pieces to the bracelet. I am using the E6000 glue from here on out. All jewelry is added using that glue.
This is all about layering. That is why you put big pieces down first.
Add charms and beads and use strands of chains or beads to fill in spaces.
You can see that it was wrapped with the fabric. When it is all said in done, you will have alot of layers. I like typically about three or more. Here is the finished piece.


I hope you enjoy your fun and fabulous new bracelets. Enjoy, and be blessed.

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