Saturday, August 3, 2013

Artistic Parsons Table

Just thought I would show you another project that I think came out cute. This one is for all the artists who just want to have fun!
This project starts with the purchase of what is called a parsons table at a auction for a couple of bucks, can't beat that, and most of my furniture pieces come from yard sales, flea markets, local auctions, etc. My requirement is they be wood. Pretty easy.
This is it's humble beginning

 Then it got a coat of homemade chalk paint. My receipe is one part Plaster of Paris, and two parts latex paint. My personal preference is satin or eggshell.Remember to look at your paint departments returns. Alot of times you can get a great color that may have been to bright or something for a persons room so they return it. Good for us because they sell them at reduced prices. I got a gallon of this great blue for $7. A quart would have been $12 had I had them mix me this color.
After coating with two coats of chalk paint. (was personal choice on this piece. I knew I was going for a painted look rather than a distressed look. Remember you don't have to sand or primer with chalk paint - Yeah!) Then I took blue painters tape and ran down the middle of each side, leaving about 1" open down the sides. Then I took white paint and went down the edges all around the piece, including the edges of the top and bottom sections of the table. I did tape off the top of top ( i know and the top of the bottom piece, so that i would have a clean edge, no paint brush marks going over on to the piece.) When the white was dry, I took black craft paint and a 1" flat brush and started painting black marks, leaving the white to show thru between the marks. They are about a brush width apart. Again nothing perfect just start painting. Do this to all the white painted edges.

 Next I just used the white paint and based in some big floral shapes and paisleys and big leaf shapes. After doing this i used a nice flat brush and painted the little leaves around the edges of the top. I wanted the flowers and leaves to be bright, so that is why I based them in white first. Otherwise you try and paint pink on and the primary paint color will be dulled. look at the paisley lower right, and see how dull it is. I did this to show you. The center of upper left flower and that paisley are the same paint color. Also, while in white, I took a craft paint brush and dipped the end of the brush into the paint and made white dots around the leaves. These flowers are not supposed to be realistic so this is a great project for the beginning artist. It is folk art so no perfection needed (Just like I like it). I then painted different flowers around all four sides. sorry forgot to take pics of that.

 Now is the fun part. Pick out all sorts of wild bright, fun colors and start painting your flowers and leafs. Remember to put a light and dark color on each piece. So look at top above, on leafs. Dark green light green or yellow. Orange and yellow. Just use at least two different contrasting colors on the flower or paisley. Then out comes the craft brush again for putting dots in contrasting colors all over. Do this to your sides also. I also like grouping like 3 dots in a triangle shape together as a filler.

 Notice each side is different. I painted little roses on each side of the feet of the table, then took colors from off the top piece and painted the top edges of the feet. When that dried I put little flowers and dots on them too.

I think it turned out fun and colorful just like I wanted.

A note.. I do paint the bottoms of pieces, it just is more finished to me. If it doesn't need two coats on the bottom, that's ok.
Thanks for viewing my blog. I hope you enjoyed it, and have a Blessed Day!

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