Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hi everyone,

I thought that I would add a few more posts on some fun pieces that I have done recently. I am trying to link this up with PINTEREST so hopefully I will figure this all out, and we can get a lot more people checking out some fun projects.

I found these two chairs at an online auction site here in town and picked up several pieces, which, as my husband says. "Well these won't look like this long with you around!" Isn't that sweet :)

So let's get started!!!!
So this is where I started. I unscrewed the lovely seat that was attached to this chair (note to self - remember to put screws in a zip-lock baggie and remember where you put the bag) gotta love sticky notes.

This is where the screws come out from on the bottom of the seat. Very easy.

These are the supplies I needed to do this. I make my own chalk paint (CeCe Caldwell or Annie Sloan paints can be used- I would be willing to use them too, hint-hint) Anyway, here is the receipe for the home made chalk paint. One part plaster of paris and two parts latex flat or eggshell paint. I prefer the flat. Notice I am using art paints to help me tint my base paint which is a bright blue. I am trying to achieve a pale blue.

Add water to plaster of paris to get where it is thick. At this point here my brush is standing in it. That is too thick. You want to see peaks that stand. Then add your paint and stir. I use popsicle sticks to stir. Your paint should not be liquid like regular paint. It will not be like paste either. Stick to the formula and it will be great.

 Isn't it a pretty color. You have to remember that paint always dries a little darker, which is what I want.

I really wanted to show you how well the chalk paint covers. This is one coat, and it's solid. Note if you are outside working, keep a little water bottle next to you, because it can start thickening up on you after about 7-8 minutes. With chalk paint you don't have to strip finishes off , sand or anything. Did I say I love chalk paint.

 This is after one coat. I touched up a few placed with a little more paint, but most of it was one coat.
 I did tell you there were two chairs.It really only took me about 30 minutes to do both chairs. I find that doing chairs upside down and do the legs first, works easiest for me. Then I can stand them up and finish all around. Otherwise you have to get into some weird positions to paint insides of legs, and cross support bars. I don't contort well.
 Not my choice of fabric. I wanted to do some quilted fabric for fun. I found unfinished quilt tops at a yard sale for $8.00, and I am putting it to use now. It was only a matter of time.

 So here is quilt top piece.

Sorry I don't have pics of next couple of steps. By the time I remembered, I had already done next steps with no photos. Sorry. So I purchased CeCe Caldwell's clear wax, and I found a small wax brush online (someone was selling on Ebay, thought it was a small shaving brush) Scored. So for me what worked best was place a small amount of the wax on a paper plate. Approximately the size of a lipstick. Then I daub the brush up and down in wax a couple of times, then i really rub it into the plate in circles a few times, pushing the wax into the brush a little more. Then I go to the piece and in circular motions i rub in the wax. Now, here is where it is going to be your own choice.Once I got a section done, I took an old t-shirt and rubbed it or buffed it out. You will love the look. When it was dry a couple of days later I put another coat on.

Wah-La ! finished chairs. I love the mixed quilted fabrics too. Because it is from the same pattern, they relate beautifully. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and would love to hear your comments. Enjoy, and be Blessed.


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