Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hello everyone,
Ok I feel victory. I think I have the Pinterest thing down, so look for me on there.
I am going to be doing a neat little table that my husband is calling a sewing table, because the top opens up for storage. Sounds good to me, so let's get started.
 This is it's humble beginnings. I am going to be using home made chalk paint. The formula for that is one part plaster of paris and two parts latex flat or eggshell paint.
 (see it opens)
I used a bright green that I had. I mix the plaster of paris in a bowl until it forms peaks, you don't want it too stiff. It is better if it is a little thin, you can always add more plaster if it gets to thin. Then I add it to the paint and stir. The paint will thin it down also. My husband says the consistency of a milk shake, that's perfect! I want to state here too that with chalk paint, be it home made or like some of the CeCe Caldwell or Annie Sloan paints, you DON'T need to sand, prime or remove previous finishes. It is so awesome! and it covers usually in one coat. I do sometimes put a second coat on, but because I am distressing the piece usually, I don't want all the wood totally saturated with paint. If as in this piece the legs are more solid, then I will coat them two times. This is where your artistic license comes in to play. If you are going to try and distress it out, there are fun options that I will go into on another piece. This one is paint and decoupage, which a lot of my pieces are.

 I choice to paint a whimsical top on this piece, just for the fun of it. I wanted a lot of colors, birds,dragonfly's and whatever else I could throw on there.

 This is where it got interesting. I decoupaged with Mod-Podge medium, fabric around the sides of the piece. To do this i simply cut out the pieces of fabric using a rotary cutter (scissors work too). Put the mod podge on with a sponge brush in a section about 10" wide, put the strip of fabric on and then went over the fabric with the mod podge. I put two coats on the fabric. I then painted the legs and apron of the table with what ever came to my head (scary sometimes i know).

 More views of side pieces with fabrics. I did notice that the fabric got darker in color when the mod podge dried. It was just a little bit. When all was said and done, I sealed the whole piece with polyurethane, two coats.

Finished piece came out cute I think, better than the way I got it, I know. Now it's Happy. Hope you enjoyed it. Have a Blessed day.


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