Monday, November 25, 2013

Hi everyone 
I haven't posted anything in a while. I thought that I would post a couple of new projects. The first one is a light fixture for  a powder room or a young persons room.
 This is what I started with. A wall light fixture a pair of capris, some Mod-Podge, clothespins, and ribbon for decorations.

 I cut off the base of pants, measuring against the light fixture to see how much fabric I would need. I wanted a sort of pleated look, so I knew I would need some length.

 Using Mod Podge, I spread mod podge over about 1/4 of light fixture and gathering with my fingers, I made the pleats. I worked in small sections about 2". Once I pleated that section, I would coat again with the mod podge on the outside of the fabric. I repeated that all around the light. I used clothespins to hold the fabric on until it dried overnight. The next day I removed the clothespins and trimmed the top and bottom of the fixture then I added ribbon and beads with hot glue for decorations. Hope this inspires you. Have fun!

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